This futurity is run under NSBA rules, unless Minnesota 50/50 Sale and Futurity rules read otherwise:

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Yearling Jackpot Rules​​


Purpose – to train and develop all horses in a humane manner, protecting at all times, their physical and mental personalities.

  1. To promote a good moving, well broke individual whose conformation is correct and sound, and with eye appeal. HORSES THAT RIDE, WORK, AND LOOK GOOD DOING IT
  2. To promote a variety of breeds through their participation in the Sale & Futurity.
  3. Provide an event that is enjoyable to the spectator.
  4. Provide an event that is beneficial to the Minnesota Horse Industry.

Summary: To promote kinder training methods, resulting in a more efficient horse and to establish a greater market for good riding horses – horses that have soft mouths, respond to a light rein and have a comfortable head carriage.


The 2012 Minnesota 50/50 Sale and Futurity will be held at: 
R & J Sales (Sundby Enterprises) 
16498 US Highway 10, Verndale, MN 56481 
218-445-5849 • 1-877-212-6612

All weanlings selling in the sale will be eligible to compete in the Minnesota 50/50 Futurity at 2 years of age.

50% of the selling price of the weanlings sold in the 50/50 Sale will be retained by the Minnesota 50/50 Sale and Futurity and used as operating expenses, purse, & member/consignor awards in the 50/50 Futurity.

50% of the selling price goes to the “MEMBER/CONSIGNOR”
40% of the selling price goes to the “FUTURITY PURSE”
  5% of the selling price goes to the “MEMBER/CONSIGNORS AWARDS”
  5% of the selling price goes to the Operating Expenses

The Minnesota 50/50 Futurity is designed to promote quality horses. There will be one event consisting of three (3) equal parts or divisions in which points are totaled to achieve a winner.

1. CONFORMATION DIVISION – Emphasis is to be placed on an individual that is conformationally correct and sound on all feet and legs. That is balanced, smooth individual whose parts all blend together with eye appeal and the appearance of an athletic individual.

2. RAIL DIVISION – designed to show a free and easy moving individual that is relaxed, ears alert, looks balanced and his way of going forward is bright as well as responsive to rider at various gaits. When asked to extend the jog, or may be asked to extend the lope, he moves out with the same smooth natural way of going. Rail work consists of the walk, jog, and lope with the extension of the jog and possibly the lope, both directions of the ring to be shown on a loose rein or light contact without undue restraint. Judging will be based on the horses’ overall performance and way of going, as well as its ability to hold the designated gait and correct leads.

3. PATTERN DIVISION – will consist of an individual pattern of work, designed to show how well broke the horse is. Emphasis is to be placed on the execution of the pattern with regard to the corrections of the maneuver and overall smoothness of the pattern. Horses will be asked to demonstrate leads and lead departures, circles, simple lead changes, soft stops, back and turn on the haunches. Maneuvers to be judged at the two year old level.

Please Note, rules will be reviewed annually at the Member's meeting.