​2019 Foals Sold/ Futurity Eligible

Big Talkin Woman

PS That's So Hot

SH Dont Skip The Chip

RSJ Zipin A Dream

Rose To Power

Imaginary Impulse

PS Its My Time

SBT Zipin With Polly

AIP Glows On Forever

Pending (Cook) Dam SH Crystal Zipper

Let The Impulse Go

RSJ Sir Magnolia Bars

SH Too Much Bizzness

PS Only An Impulse

RSJ True Starlit

Invite The Sonrise

RSF Cash Money

Luxury Kruizer

SBT Sonny Range

Pending(Cook)Dam Rock Your Socks Off

RSJ Lil Lucy Hancock

PS Radically Hot

SH Oopsy Daisy

Frozen By Impulse

​2017 Foals Sold/Futurity Eligible

2021 Foals Sold/Futurity Eligible

Worth Kissing Again

PS Color Me Curious

Forever Impulsive

SH Good To Go

Sonnys Last Impulse

SBT Bonnies Feature

SH That's A Wrap

Majority Worth It

RSJ Zipin In The Palma


SH Best Of Both

Invest In A Cowboy

So Many Impulses

SH Dance With Me

Whats In Your Wallet

RSJ Invest In A Roan

Worth A Zip Of Scotch

SH Kainda Krymsun

Full Gray Jacket

Negotiate My Zipper

Secret Country Express

Impulsive Bar Diva(Buy in)?

Makin Me Willy Wild(Buy In)Gilleland

2020 Foals Sold

SH Bizzy Zippin

Hate To See You Go

Secret Negotiator

KTS Good N Slow

SH Wiz Kit

SBT Nifty Illuminator

Worth It One Time

Invest In A Cowboy

The Way She Moves

Secret Holdem

SH I Feel Pretty

The Immortal Impulse

RSJ Invest In Review

SH Bay Lee

CR Hot N Blonde

PS Utta Time

My Bootys Worth It

The Pied Piper

Hey Mister Im Over Budget(yearling sold at sale)

Rhapsody On The Rail(yearling sold at sale)

Thelans (yearling sold at sale?)

2022 Foals Sold/ Futurity Eligible 

My Twisted Romance

C R Hot N Smokey

Bett You Do

SBT Miss Blue Quincy

What A Jackson

So Lazy

RSJ Elle Mae

SH Absolutely Dakota

Hot Girl Summer

Oh For Sure

Money Talkz

RSJ Zipin With Color

Twisted Up In Lace

Forever And Ever

Our Dirty Secret

Worth Another Kiss

The Hottest Impulse

CR Hot Nites

SH Brooke

RSJ Zipin With Reba

Ive Got Choices

SH Kremsun Loper

SH Come On Doc(Ghost Bid)Gene & Mel

Classy Southern Secret(Buy in)Cook

PS Zip It Nancy(Buy In)Onstad

2023 Foals Sold/Futurity Eligible

1. Always In Diamonds

​2. SH Borderline

3. RSJ Quincy Vaquero

4. The Best Are Made

5. Gonna Be Something

6. I'll Show Em Twisted

7. Always In Color

8. PS Holy Chip Im Hot

9. SH Calendar Girl

10. RSJ Dream With Style

11. TGIF

12. Dance Forever

13. Ita A Vital Secret

14. Worth Bring N It On

15. RSJ My Special Asset

16. One Dynamic Fella

17. SH Withalittleluck

18. Romancing Asset

19. PS Hot On My Assets

20. Zips Secret Image

​21. RSJ Quincy Blueboy

​22. SH Maggie May(Ghost Bid SHPH)

23. CR Mighty Hot(Buy-In DQH)

​2018 Foals Sold/Futurity Eligible

RSJ Zipin With Tess 

Takin Care Of Bizness

Zipin With Impulse

​SBT Miss Vaquero

Worth Zipin Scotch

Jackson Babe Friday

KTS Good Lopin Asset

SH On The Rocks

PS Junie Be Hot

RSJ Zipin In Style

The Power Lives On

Zippos Only Rose

Goin Down the Rail

My Assets R Worth It

The Western Kid

SBT Vaquero Cash

Red Skais

Ultimately Zipin


PS Only Hot Moonlight

KTS Blazing Star

A Secret Reward

SH Born To Be Famous

RSJ Zipin Hancock

​Always Worth Kissing