Founded in the summer of 2012, the members of the Minnesota 50/50 are committed to producing outstanding prospects for our customers to enjoy and show for many years to come.  We proudly present HORSES THAT RIDE, WORK, AND LOOK GOOD DOING IT!

Our Purpose – to train and develop all horses in a humane manner, protecting at all times, their physical and mental personalities.
1. To promote a good moving, well broke individual whose conformation is correct and sound, and with eye appeal.
2. To promote a variety of breeds through their participation in the Sale & Futurity.
3. Provide an event that is enjoyable to the spectator.
4. Provide an event that is beneficial to the Minnesota Horse Industry.

Summary: To promote kinder training methods, resulting in a more efficient horse and to establish a greater market for good riding horses – horses that have soft mouths, respond to a light rein and have a comfortable head carriage.


Our first Champions were crowned on October 19, 2013! 
    - 2013 Purse: ($2500)
Co-Champions Zipin Roan Sonrise & Sonrise And Old Lace each earned $1125 
3rd Place went to SH Dollie Chex, earning $250



2014 Futurity Prize Purse $3850!



2015 Futurity Purse was over $7500 in prize money and there was added prizes! 


Futurity Purse was $8,662.50!


Futurity Purse estimated to be $10,900!

Futurity Purse estimated to be $11,360!